Wood & Graphite Merchandise

You've watched the videos, bought some pencils and started keeping a pocket notebook, well done! Now you're living the analog life. If you want to help me and the show, and maybe put a few bucks towards new videos, interviews and features, check out the sweet merch below. Everything is carefully selected from trusted vendors to ensure quality. Any issues or queries, just send me an email!


High quality tees from the fine folks over at TeeSpring. Using the TeeSpring system lets me sell a variety of tees without filling up shelf space stocking them all. It also means Limited edition colors and designs pop up from time to time! European & American listings to give you the cheapest postage and colours to suit any palette.


Adorn your belongings with graphical ruminations of my own creation. Sold through RedBubble and available worldwide, these stickers are a great way to slap a little color onto your notebook, or brighten up your Macbook. New designs are added regularly. Fancy something a little special? Send me an email with your sticker idea and you could win a bunch for yourself.

The Cosgrove Collection MEtalShop CT

Partnering up with the incredible Jon Fontane of MetalShop CT, the Cosgrove Collection is a unique selection of merchandise carefully curated for, and only available through MetalShop. Jon makes some of the finest writing tools I've seen and working with him is not only an honour, it's a pleasure.