Stationery Specialism

Explosivo produces all kind of videos for all kinds of folks, but a topic which we hold near and dear to our heart is Stationery and the greater analog. An anachronistic love of pencils and paper, and the things associated with them. We started Wood & Graphite to produce high quality, analog centric content for YouTube. We've also produced videos, graphics and animations for a range of clients in the wider stationery world.


Stationery related promotional video is a little bit niche, but we pride ourselves on pushing the envelope (pun intended) and creating some of the most unique and entertaining content along the way.


“This morning, TJ over at Wood & Graphite sent us a link to a video he had been working on, and it is one of the most glorious things we’ve seen in a while.”
— Blackwing Pencils

If you run a store, manage a brand, oversee a department or even just have a passing interest in analog and want to collaborate on a project, don't hesitate to contact us below.

we'll be in touch.