This round is on us - 360° bottle spins for Heaney Brewery


We had the pleasure this month of working with Mal at Heaney Farmhouse Brewing to produce four 360° stop motion bottle spins of their awesome new brews.

Shot using our customised 360° stop motion turntable, the bottle spins not only look great, but provide a bunch of great looking footage that can be incorporated into all future marketing materials and promotions.

Table Talkers for the bars and restaurants of Belfast

Mal asked us if we could help out with a few design elements too, so we shot static photos of each of the 4 bottles and combined them with some photos from the Heaney Farmhouse to produce table talkers for the bars and restaurants of Belfast. Then used their logo and photos to create these awesome Bar Tap signs, coming soon to a local near you.

Bar Tap Signs

You can check out the Heaney Farmhouse Brewing website, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or even watch our videos on their Youtube channel.