Forget the App, there's a Pocket Notebooks (video) for that!

It's no secret that we're huge fans of the analog world, and we recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Stuart over at Pocket Notebooks on the first of hopefully many video collaborations.

Stuart wanted to create short, concise videos that outline the main features of each of the notebooks he has on the site. We created 12 one minute long videos that highlight all the specs of each unique notebook.

Working in the studio is always a pleasure (significantly lower chance of rain) but working in the studio with a big old box of notebooks feels a whole lot like not working at all!

To maintain parity between all the brands and notebook types (we can't play favourites) we created a production line setups to hotswap different notebooks while retaining the same shot. Batching the shots also allowed us to significantly reduce the cost per shot of the videos and deliver this fine looking project on time and in budget.

You should absolutely check out the Pocket Notebooks site and subscribe to them on Youtube  and check out the first video on the Write Pocket Notebook below: