For Sale! - Property Video Tours using OSMO Gimbal

Buying a house isn't easy, and when they only list one or two fuzzy pictures it's really hard to get an idea of what a property is like without visiting it first. 

We asked ourselves, what if you could take a walk around a property, while you're still sipping tea in bed with your feet up?

So we made a gimbal stabilised video tour of a house for sale in Bangor! Now you can digitally walk from room to room, see how the hallways and doors link up and get an idea of what your future home might feel like.

A video tour like this takes less than 30 minutes to design and shoot on site, and only costs between £50 - £100 depending on size, location and layout. 

If you're selling a property and want to upgrade your marketing materials, or even just want a tour of your shop or business, send us an email today and we'll get back with a quotation.